The Queen and I.

Norah's 6th Great Grandson with his letter from Her Majesty - in celebration of her 90th Birthday.
Norah’s 6th Great Grandson with his letter from Her Majesty – in celebration of her 90th Birthday.

As the celebrations for Her Majestys 90th birthday get under way, I thought I would share with you how it has grabbed the interest of my 6yr old son. ( Norah’s 6th Great Grandson.)

A few weeks ago, on a bright but cold weekend, he decided; quite out of the blue; to write to the Queen. Admittedly, wwe had been talking about her and he looked at photos of her and became quite fascinated of this ‘beautiful lady with the kind smile’ staring back at him.

He is finding out about the world bit by bit, and at his own pace. He asks questions and thinks about the answers given so he can put them into his own perspective. There is so much for him to discover and as a Mom, it is wonderful to this happen.

So, back to THE LETTER. He wished her a happy birthday in advance, he told her about his love of trains and as a little extra, how he should really be doing his homelearning but instead decided to write to her.

None of the advised ettiquette was followed in how to write a letter to the Queen and it was simply addressed The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London!

Bless him.

Today, one day after her 90th birthday, the postman knocks the door and chirpily says ,”we must know people in very high places!”

Here it was…a reply! Not just a letter but a celebratory card of her 90th. Along with the date it was written and sent..the 21st! her actual birthday. How special is that!

He is chuffed to bits. After a week of being poorly this very special letter has lifted his spirits.

Thank you Ma’am for quite an amazing day. ( He hopes you manage to get some rest between all the celebrations.)





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