An ongoing list!

I hope you will find all the  necessary links and info here , which have been used throughout  this blog. Whether it is for something sweet and snazzy or another site that has whisked me away into a romantic world of a golden era….it will be here.

It will contain some links which are affiliate but all will take you direct to where you need to go.

I will continue to add to it as I go along , so it will always be a work in progress.

Bear with me everyone!

Cath Kidston (UK)
An all time favourite for bags, clothing, around the home…a little something to get started!




Chic by ChoiceI adore the idea of being able to hire the PERFECT dress. You will find a huge collection of designer dresses here . They certainly know how to look after their clientele and just to show their appreciation you can get £25 Off! Designer Dress Rental – Chic By Chocie.

   Rosegal  This is what they have to say  “….With thousands of iconic styles, vintage clothing and affordable product lines, we are confident you will find your unique fashion product to add to your wardrobe. Choose an outfit you like, not just one that fits your budget….”

Victorian Trading Co.
The Victorian Trading Co. is one of those places where you really do get immersed by the whole romance of vintage clothing .Victorian Trading Co. – Clothing for the Hopeless Romantic. Shop apparel of timeless beauty for a wardrobe of enduring classics. It sure is.



blue get savvy

(Cheeky ? Of course it is, but I wasn’t going to leave out Vintage Norah. ) Here is the link straight to Vintage Norah over on Etsy.

If you are thinking of selling through Etsy you and I can enjoy 40 free listings  each, 40 to help get you started & 40 for Vintage Norah to carry on her way!!!
Roland MouretAt Roland Mouret Homepage you will find an exquisite selection of Dresses , Tops, Gowns, Accessories, Sunglasses to name just  a few. Simply stunning darling!





Victorian Trading Co. GardenYour garden & home can also get the touch of romance.Shop Victorian Trading Co.’s Romantic Home décor collection. For every castle and cottage!

I wonder which you will choose..castle or cottage? Norah had her own spot in a garden known as ‘Norahs Nook’.




Victorian Trading Co. RingsWhen it comes to reproduction jewellery you certainly will find quite a few gems here.Antique Reproduction Jewelry from Victorian Trading Co. Shop heirloom adornments worthy of a duchess.


blue get savvy

She’s here again! The jewellery you will find from Vintage Norah are all genuine vintage. Mostly, costume but they have and continue to be some nice little pieces from Sarah Coventry, Exquisite and I’m sure many more…I’m still going through it all!!! As for the jewellery which have become orphaned ( odd ear rings) or broken in some way, I have recrafted some pieces using the original beads although I do tend to use new findings. It’s amazing the ideas which come to mind and I do find it quite therapuetic.