A selection of Norahs items which can be bought from her shop on Etsy.

The beauty of these is knowing they have already seen great occasions and through you, can continue their journey.

Since the beginning of ‘Vintage Norah’ , her travels have continued pretty much worldwide. America, New Zealand and Rhyl  to name a few.

Some pieces have gone on to TV studios, museums and galleries.

Of course , there have been the weddings, birthdays, festivals…oh my!


Had she been around today, she would’ve loved and found it amusing that so many of you are enjoying ‘her gatherings’ and having fun.

Wherever I can, I try to give an approximate date for the era her items have come from and the condition I find them to be in.

And yes, you will find signs of wear and tear! There may still be the odd sign of one of her brooches been worn on her scarves or a fading on the gloves when she has had a rummage through one of her bags. It is all part of their story.

Her greatest love were her Hats. She nearly always wore a hat (even on google earth she was captured at the front of her house with a hat! How ironic eh!)

Please enjoy all that VINTAGE NORAH brings to you. Laugh, have fun and sing out loud… Norah would’ve.