Making a reference journal…Getting started.

This is the third reference journal to be made. There are so many ideas that pop up & need somewhere to keep them.

This time around , I’ve opted for a spiral bound journal. However, the spirals got covered with a piece of cheesecloth!

A simple wrap around on the outside spine. Nothing complicated, a bit of glue, and it was sorted.

As someone who tries to get things perfect, I tend to fall short & thankfully, have found the ‘ shabby chic, throw it together, don’t fuss too much and just have fun’ works better for me.

The cream lace frame is a huge favourite at the moment.

Working with the lined pages is going to be fun. I tend to favour a blank page.

Soooooo, I covered it with kraft!

A blank canvas!

I’ll keep you posted with how it comes together. What a nice little journey it will be.

Have fun everyone,

~Louise x


The Bluebird Journal

The moment the designs came together for this journal , I knew exactly how  I wanted it look.

Each journal ‘speaks’ to you as you put it together & this little beauty was no exception.

Bluebird Journal

The Bluebird & the butterfly.

Once the images have been brought together, it’s time to see them in ‘real life’ and the printer chugs into action.

This set includes some cute little hearts ,circle banners & a page of Positive words/phrases in 4 different font styles/ sizes.

You can find the Bluebird Printable Papers here

Bluebird Printable Papers

The final flip through.

Always a sigh of achievement when it comes to the final flip through.

The cover of this  journal is framed with a lace border, a lace covered spine and a dangle using ‘ vintage orphaned beads’ from Norahs stash gathered over the years. Any broken necklaces/jewellerty are recrafted as often as I can to become  part of some of the journals I create.
It contains 3 signatures bound with a loose tie on a hidden spine. This allows you to add further pages.
Occasional pages have a ‘teal script stamp’ along the edge.
Plenty of white space for you to continue your own journalling.

This journal is available here

Have beautiful day.


‘Dear Dahlia’ Journal ~ A nod to Wednesday Addams!

Oh I’ve had so much fun creating this journal. Along with echoes (from 13 years ago) of dum de dumming the old Addams Family tune while bobbing a little ‘un in my arms to get those gorgeous baby smiles and chuckles!

Anyway, I digressed a little there! Back to this journal.

It is a nod to the character Wednesday Addams but I wanted to pull out a few elements which fascinated me. The typewriter, the black dahlias, the absolutely gorgeous black cello and of course the Raven dress.

Of course, the colour theme had to be black, hence the black ruffle frame and signature edges. There is a hint of a dark burgundy, faded, but it is there.

This called for my new toy…a swivel stapler!!! Oh my , it’s brilliant but a normal stapler will do (I’m just fascinated by the thing!)

You see, I don’t do well when it comes to sewing. A button, name tag and the odd rogue seam is my limit. I wanted a ‘stitched ‘ look along the ruffles, so I turned my trusty stapler upside down and stapled along the centre. Perfect. The cute gold tone staple pins really set it off.

When you don’t sew… staple it!

There are 3 signatures .The binding is with a black satin ribbon to compliment the organza ribbon found through out the journal.

The inside of the front and back cover, each have a concertina/ file fold. Closed with the organza ribbon. They contain extra journalling cards which could also be used as photo mats .

Throughout there are tags and hidden paperclips decorated with lace and torn doilies.

The writing pages are a mixture of plain and some with the imprint of a half doily on the edges.

Here’s the flip through.

Where to find it.

If you would like to add this OOAK journal to your collection or gift to someone you know will fall in love with it, you can find it in my Etsy shop. Click the button and it will take you right there.

Until next time, take care.

~Louise. x

The Golf Lady ~ Inspirational Journal

This inspirational journal has been made for Norah’s first and eldest granddaughter & my big sis.

Last month she turned 60🥰 .

Golf has been her main stay for years & I wanted to create something that captured her passion and the encouragement she has humbly passed on to others. She will be the first to encourage and be by your side to work through any difficulties. She continues to smile, laugh , have silly moments and grabs life with 100% vigour, whatever it throws at her.

The Golf Lady Handmade journal By

I knew the look I wanted to achieve and as always when you begin to create a journal, there is that element of curiosity as to how it will ‘speak to you’.

It’s a very beautiful moment and once you capture it; for me; I just go with the flow.

The lace edging fits so well with the style as ell as bringing a bit of sturdiness to the pages. Just goes to show ‘delicate brings strength.’ The little bit of pink lace towards the back, is from Norah’s very own stash/sewing box/bits n bobs box, extra special and a personal touch.

On the inside of the front and back covers, there are concertina pockets/file pockets, which are tied off loosely with pastel seam binding. in each of these pockets are extra tags/cards.

So there you have it, another OOAK and a very, very special one.

See you next time,

Louise x


I was going to start by saying how much I love this planner…then I realised I would say that about any of my Vintage Norah makes! You do what you love, right?

However, I really am in love with this cover design . Delicate poppy and daisy, clean and fresh.

With the soft matte cover you have the option to decorate it and add you own lace decoration ( just an idea) or enjoy it as it is.


  • Paperback Soft Matte cover.
  • A4 size.
  • 100 pages.
  • White & lined

This weekly planner is simply for you to scribble your day to day goings on!

  • A week to a page.
  • Space for each day Monday – Sunday
  • Undated
  • Space for your week goals.
  • Priorities
  • Notes/Little reminders.

A lovely gift for :

  • Yourself!
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Bridal / Wedding plans
  • Valentines
  • Mothers Day
  • For the lovely Grandma’s (just like Norah!)

Enjoy your day everyone.


What An Incredible Year!

I always love to give an update around this time of year for a couple of reasons…

1. It’s Norahs’ Birthday month .

2. Good things happen around this time.

Last year , 2021, Vintage Norah gained recognition by winning SBS ( Small Business Sunday Award) which is ran by a young gentleman ‘Dragons Den’ Theo Paphitis on his Twitter and now Instagram page. you can find out more here and I would encourage you to enter and let everyone see how incredible you are.

This year, well,it has been quite insane here at Vintage Norah over the last few months and all in a good way!

It has lead to a few tweaks here and there to make things a little easier this end and to extend to other marketplaces.


Simple and straight forward for all the adorable handmade delights.


Where it all began and after a little break, it has had a little flick round with the duster. All aimed for those of you who prefer to shop around Etsy because lets face it, it is full to the brim of incredibly talented artisans!


YES! It was only a matter of time for printed journals, notebooks, planners and scrapbook paper pads; all designed by Vintage Norah; to hit the Amazon bookshelves. Very exciting times indeed.



There we have it… the little update. I’m off for a mince pie now & I’ll catch up with you soon.


The Handmade Journal

Crikey, I never realised how addictive it would be to create and make a journal!!! In true Vintage Norah fashion I wanted to incorporate her lace trims and broken jewellery as embellishment or spine danglies.

The result has been beautiful journals made with a huge amount of care and each time I am amazed at how they gently and lovingly ‘speak out ‘ to you. Letting you know how they want to appear.

Maybe it’s just me but I have felt this each time and find it very magical.

Pastel Flower Jewel Handmade journal. Hard cover ,3 signatures, Journal Cards.


16 pages within a pdf of various sizes on a4 size.

Perfect for background papers, journal cards, fussy cuts, tags whatever your imagination brings to you.


For me it’s all about memories. the whole thing of certain smells which resonate from a childhood and beautiful moments we gather through out life.

I simply felt sometimes we want to hold onto these special memories of places or people and keep them gently in a place which doesn’t involve sharing with everyone else.

Even now, I’ll have a little time to remember grandparents, family times , all those happy moments full of laughter and love. As a family, we are very lucky to have this, which makes it even more precious.

Hold onto your loved ones and all the joy you share together.

Louise. x

Bespoke Wax Sachets & Melts.

It’s been such an exciting time this week creating these wax sachets.

Delicate ‘wax rose and shell’ fused on a heart background.

The raspberry shade of delphinium petals has added to the romance of it all.

Wax sachets are wonderful if you don’t have a wax burner or maybe, you just don’t ‘do’ wax melts. As long as you hang or place them in a coolish spot, you will be able to enjoy the scent , without having to rummage for a tealight !!! We’ve all been there right?!

I’ve had one hanging in my office for about 6 weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised with how long it is lasting.

When the cold throw of the scent weakens, I will ‘snap’ and place in a burner as you would a normal melt. Two in one eh!?

4 Rose  £3.00

Rose & Shell £3.00



Blooming Flutterbys!

vnI absolutely adore the new floral theme at the moment and in true Norah style, it was through a good old rummage around that I came across these flowers. A bargain and very effective.

They certainly bring out the beauty of this Pink shell Butterfly Brooch.
Working roll clasp
4cm x 3cm.



The Christmas Post

Just a quickie to let you all know today is the last day for anything brought from Vintage Norah , to get to you before Christmas…miseltoe crossed!!!

Anything after today over the Christmas period , will still be sent but please understand if they dont get to you as quick as normal.

(May look into the Santa Post service…he manages it all in one night! What a guy!


Happy Birthday Our Norah

11th December is a very special day. Its Norahs birthday

Had she still been with us she would’ve been 98.

‘Vintage Norah’ is for her and quite simply because of her…my Nan.

newborderThe items you come across in the shop have mostly belonged to her with  additional items from other loved ones within our family.

This is what it is all about…

Vintage Norah….a lifetime of gathering.

In the beginning around 1918 in the suburbs of Birmingham, England, a little girl came into the world. Her father was a cooper, her mother helped out and raised the family.

When Norah was six, her mother died and in diaries left by Norah which were found later, she recalls her mothers funeral with great detail. A sadness she carried with her through out her life.

Norah loved to rummage, to find a bargain and over the years she was able to ‘store’ many, many, many things!!!!

She had a soft spot for hats….we came across nearly 230! Bags, gloves, oh my it goes on!!
Many of her ‘gatherings’ have been spread around to help with fundraising and even for others to earn a ‘bob or two’.

Some of her jewellery have been recrafted into new pieces. You will find them among the listings here. (She sure knows how to keep me busy!)

For me, a grand daughter, she has given me a chance to enjoy ‘being a little girl again’ sorting through all of what you see here in the shop…it is an ongoing process.

All what you see have a story to tell, like all vintage, but on this occasion I know where and who they came from.

Please enjoy as much as I enjoy bringing this all together.

(Nan, 93 years to gather,another 93 to sort out!!!!) x

Update 2016: Since the opening of Vintage Norah, you will be glad to know her items are spreading worldwide…yep she is everywhere, right down to New Zealand. Some items have gone to museums, TV studios, galleries or revivals.
Some have been the finishing touch for a wedding oufit,a birthday gift and even a ‘must have a go with these’ gift!!!(Hair grips.) xxx ~VINTAGE NORAH on Etsy

Fresh face and ready for Spring!
Fresh face and ready for Spring!

Norah loved Christmas Time. Special for her because of her own strong faith and special for us , as small grandchildren, having the presents in a black bin liner…more on that HERE along with a few more memories.

One of the many things she enjoyed ( apart from singing really LOUD and wearing a hat ) was writing her poems.

Many keep turning up, even now. I’ve mentioned before about keeping one of them in my purse and thank fully, just a couple of days before she passed, I knealt beside her and we read it together. It was one of those moments  you know you will keep tucked away.

Her poems , often reflected her faith and here I would like to share with you , a beautiful poem she wrote called ‘Step inside’.


With much love Nan from me


All that glitters….

All that glitters....





You all know by know how much I appreciate the treasuries which can curated on Etsy. Not only do they help promote all the beautiful finds on there, but I have found them an invaluable source and means in supporting all the Etsy sellers.

Sadly, Etsy have decided to no longer provide this tool and it seems to have caused a lot of sadness among those who enjoy creating and viewing them.

This one kind of says it all,

“sad to think this could be one of my last.

Please enjoy  while you can (me thinks there will be other ways to continue such delights at some point!)



Etsy bring back treasuries, sad to think this could be one of my last.Here is an array of beautiful neutral pieces from the UK Only Vintage and Handmade team. Please show your appreciation for these wonderful items by viewing, hearts and sharing.

Gold colour rose flower broo…


Sadler Art Deco Style Teapot…


Vintage wicker lobster pot


REDUCED! Silver and Gold Fab…


Vintage Garrard 18ct Gold Ri…


Antique Hebe And Zeus Brooch


Shell butterfly brooch 1980s


Studio Pottery Vase Art Pott…


Vintage military button, CD …


Terrarium necklace – real mo…


Vintage gold and brown scar…


Vintage Picture Cards Wills …


Vintage high neck evening dr…


Set of Four Staffordshire Co…


Vintage wedding gloves cream…


Vintage Autumn Brooch Fallen…


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A beautiful treasury curated by rosenlovestore .

It always feel special when inlcuded in anothers treasury. Vintage Norah’s rhinestone faceted brooch has been included here.
Gorgeous creations and inspiration by all those involved.

‘❧ ❋☂ Autumn Dreams ☂❋❧ ‘ by rosenlovestore

Come on, greet autumn

Trench coat / cotton coat in…


Paper earrings, book paper …


White wool socks Knit socks …


Men’s Anchor Bracelet, B…


vintage 1960’s O R I G I…


Fall Duvet Cover – Hello Aut…


Gifts For Her, Gifts For Him…


Vintage Tapestry Handbag, Vi…


Vintage Brooch. Topaz rhines…


Thanksgiving Decoration-Prin…


Lace Headband,Art Deco Brown…


heart pendant, gold coffee b…


LapDesk, Macbook and iPad St…


custom portrait, painting, a…


Morocco coin bracelet antiqu…


Minimalist necklace Handmade…


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Fall In Love ~ Autumn Wedding


‘Fall in love – Autumn wedding’ by vintagenorah

A beautiful collection for an Autumn wedding theme.Enjoyxx



A beautiful selection of Autumn inspiration for your special day. All available on Etsy.


FALL IN LOVE banner bunting …


Edible Cupcake Wrappers Autu…


Personalised Leaf Drop Top G…


Autumn Fall Wedding Decor, 6…


Custom Wedding Welcome Sign


Set of 3 Tan Hand-Painted Di…


Rose Petals/Autumn Wedding D…


Paper Flower Bouquet wedding…


Mr & Mrs Cake Topper, Weddin…


Fall wedding table numbers, …


Wedding bouquet Bridal bouqu…


Copper Wedding / Autumn Wedd…


Every LOVE STORY is Beautifu…


Set of 3 Rustic Wooden Tea L…


Falling In Love Wedding Favo…


Fall wedding/autumn wedding/…


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Luggage from the past.

I have to admit to getting quite lost in the romance of where this wonderful collection of vintage luggage have travelled. The tales they must be able to tell.

Norah always enjoyed her holidays. ..and what a variety of travel she must have had through out the decades. From travelling by train to good old british seaside towns in the early years, to jetsetting to the other side of the world to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand in her later years. What a difference.

Of course there was always the time she embarked on a caoch trip to the Isle of Wight with holiday companion, Gertie (my two nans together, what a mixture!) ….they chatted that much , neither of them had realised they had been on the boat until they arrived at the hotel!!!


So, here for you to enjoy are some travelling delights….


‘Luggage of holidays past.’ by vintagenorah

oh,my. The travelling tales they must have.

Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Tru…


Vintage Wardrobe Travelling …


1930s vanity travel suitcase…


Vintage 1950’s Hand Tool…


Old Trunk Rustic Suitcase Re…


Vintage suitcase – hat suitc…


Vintage French Extra Large B…


1940’s Travel Trunk Tabl…


Old Cardboard Suitcase Vinta…


Vintage Red Tweed Suitcase -…


Tan Vanity Case – Locking Va…


Vintage suitcase Old luggage…


Vintage Suitcase Small Lugga…


Starlite Blue Hardsided Suit…


Suitcase old vintage retro 4…


Vintage Blue US Trunk Co Sta…


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Cath Kidston (UK)

The vintage get away.

As we come to the time of year when the roads and motorways of Great Britain become laden with with us all trying to get away for that well earned break, I felt a little mooch of the good old caravan was worthy.

Norah did in fact have a caravan along the southwest coastline and I think it was called ‘Fire fly’. As I recall from past family stories there was …the time they turned up and some one else had ‘let themselves in’., the walking across fields to ask Mr Farmer for fresh milk, climbing over and falling off fences…the usual adventures of wellies and toilet paper under your arm and the ‘bucket’ for nighttime convinience!!!!

Summers of the past are always a great place to revisit to capture a childhood memory of rock pooling, paddling and getting sand in your tin teapot!


Here are a few treasures I have come across which you can find on the ever faithful ebay! Great inspiration and I love that these holidays continue…enjoyxxx


Vintage Retro Sprite Cadet 3 berth caravan

Vintage Retro Sprite Cadet 3 berth caravan






A few little extras you might like to take along….

Pyrex Drinkups Retro Vintage Cups 60’s, 70’s Grey Glasses Caravan Camping


Pyrex Drinkups Retro Vintage Cups 60's, 70's Grey Glasses Caravan Camping
Pyrex Drinkups Retro Vintage Cups 60’s, 70’s Grey Glasses Caravan Camping

Orange squash at the ready!!!








4 Vintage Melaware Melamine Blue Bowls VW Camper Caravan Camping Retro Classic

Now, where are the cornflakes?!

4 Vintage Melaware Melamine Blue Bowls VW Camper Caravan Camping Retro Classic
4 Vintage Melaware Melamine Blue Bowls VW Camper Caravan Camping Retro Classic










A sprinkle of

Cath Kidston (UK)

A Summer Blush

I do like this treasury and straight away I seem to be thinking of raspberry ripple ice cream!

A collection from the members of the UK ONLY VINTAGE TEAM on Etsy. It’s wonderful to find all these gorgeous treasures around the Uk. From top to bottom!

Enjoy . xx



‘A SUMMER BLUSH’ by vintagenorah

Gathered from the members of the UK ONLY VINTAGE TEAM. Enjoy.x

Duchess vintage 1960’s t…


Real flower necklace – pink …


Vintage white heart pink ros…


Very pretty chunky milk whit…


Beautiful vintage rose penda…


Large Ruby Red Crystal Spira…


Vintage 1980’s Big Chunk…


Gorgeous Victorian Antique C…


Heart Ring Silver Marcasite …


Art Deco silver coral and ma…


Large Raw Copper Electroform…


Red Aurora Borealis with Mot…


Ruby delicate necklace – ros…


Vintage Butterfly Brooch, B…


Vintage Exquisite June Birth…


Charm bracele ladies,Lime ca…


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What colourway accessories would you choose?

Loving these two . Now considering whether to go down the route of burgundy or black footwear! Decisions, decisions.

I found them on ebay & by clicking on each image, it will take you direct to their listings.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




Womens New 1950s Vintage Retro Pinup Smart Formal Patent Hardshell Handbag










I love all the rustic and shabby chic craft you can find and right now I’m caught up in the romance of a  swishy , swirly, take it easy while the waves gently kiss the shore…ahhh! ( An alternative is on it’s way, but in the meantime…enjoy.x

‘Summer Beach Wedding’ by vintagenorah

…and not a seagull in sight!! Phew1

Set of 3 Pint Size Painted B…




Wooden Love Sign. Rustic Wed…


Eco-friendly Candles Scented…


Beach wedding bouquet with o…


Story Of Us Burlap Banner – …


Adult vest and dress pants l…


Light Blue Seashell Groom Gr…


Edible Seashells x 15 – Mix…


Bridal long sleeve lace top …


Summer Beach Wedding Ring Be…


Beach chair cake toppers Sag…


Rustic Beach Wedding Sign, C…




Wedding Favors,Starfish Deco…


Just Married Flip Flops *Che…


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Anchors Aweigh!!

A little inspiriation from ‘Anchors AwEIGH’, Gene Kelly, frank sinatra and the lovely kathryn grayson.

Oh, and a few more antics from ‘On the Road’.

I’m sure I’m starting to sway a bit but great fun putting this together.


‘ANCHORS AWAY!!!!’ by vintagenorah

“…ON WAVES OF SONG, LAUGHTER AND ROMANCE…”A little inspiration from times gone by.

Vintage Retro Classic White …


1940s Sailor Suit Shirt with…


naval uniform – vintage midd…


Long island- natural straw …


Vintage 1940s US Navy Unifor…


Anchors Aweigh – Gene Kelly …


Anchors Aweigh – Gene Kelly …


1940s Dress with Pockets / W…


Top Gun Shirt, Fighter Pilot…


Wall Art-Cinema-Movie Poster…


On The Town VHS 1949 Movie




Vintage 1940s/50s Distressed…


1940s Vintage U.S. Navy Unif…


1940s nautical skirt suit //…


Hat nautical sailor straw bl…


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A coffee & cream delight.

I do like to put a treasury from etsy together featuring the other gorgeous shops you find on there.

Always good for ideas and every time you come across something extremely unique. Of course this then leads to all sorts of dilemma’s – nice ones- and you just become enchanted by it all.

I’ve gone for lovely coffee and creams today. It just felt right , so here you are…enjoy.xx

‘Keeping it light’ by vintagenorah

Just because…that is all.xx 1950s with a little bit more.

Vintage 1960s Cream and Pink…


Vintage 1950s fine woven str…


Vintage womans pink hat, Un…


1950s Vintage Brown Felt Hat…


50s Cream Fleur De Lis Three…


50s dress / vintage 1950s dr…


Vintage 50s Dress • Spring…


Vintage 1950s Cocktail Dress…


Vintage 1950s Stiletto Heels…


vintage 1940s 50s court Styl…


Vintage Peep Toe Heels Tan L…


Vintage 1950s Shoes – 50s Hi…


Women’s Beige Vintage Me…


French Arthur and Aston ladi…


Liz Claiborne Shoulder Bag -…




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A Victorian Treasury.

Today is a colllection of six stunning hats available from ‘Victorian Trading Company’.

Victorian Trading Co.




Victorian Trading Co.
Louise Green Serendipity Cloche (369)
Festooned with a magnificent hand-formed bloom to the side, a sassy bonnet is timeless and exquisite. Created in the renowned milliner’s Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. Designer Louise Green.

Victorian Trading Co.
Louise Green Primrose Picture Hat (358)
A magnificent bonnet is hand formed using age-old millinery methods. An inner silk elasticized casing ensures a custom fit. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. Designer Louise Green


Victorian Trading Co.
Louise Green Bronze Beauty (2820)
An epic silk bloom from France rests upon a sumptuous wool felt cloche. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.

Victorian Trading Co.
Midsummer Nights Bonnet (344)
Miss Austen would revel in this milliner’s delicacy, created from a lovely mix of lace and vintage-inspired blooms, embroidered chiffon and weave. Arrives in keepsake hatbox. Made in USA of imported materials.


Victorian Trading Co.
Sweetheart Roses Hat (450)
Perfect little ivory rosebuds are nestled upon dupioni silk band beneath illusion netting. Cream. USA from imported materials. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. 13″.


Victorian Trading Co.
Louise Green Santa Barbara Hat (343)
Who couldn’t appear beautiful in this poetic tuned up sisal? Created by the noted designer in her California studio, the brim is hand formed from a fine-woven sinamay straw with subtle platinum fleck. The generous silk millinery bloom with sinamay leaves

The Queen and I.

Norah's 6th Great Grandson with his letter from Her Majesty - in celebration of her 90th Birthday.
Norah’s 6th Great Grandson with his letter from Her Majesty – in celebration of her 90th Birthday.

As the celebrations for Her Majestys 90th birthday get under way, I thought I would share with you how it has grabbed the interest of my 6yr old son. ( Norah’s 6th Great Grandson.)

A few weeks ago, on a bright but cold weekend, he decided; quite out of the blue; to write to the Queen. Admittedly, wwe had been talking about her and he looked at photos of her and became quite fascinated of this ‘beautiful lady with the kind smile’ staring back at him.

He is finding out about the world bit by bit, and at his own pace. He asks questions and thinks about the answers given so he can put them into his own perspective. There is so much for him to discover and as a Mom, it is wonderful to this happen.

So, back to THE LETTER. He wished her a happy birthday in advance, he told her about his love of trains and as a little extra, how he should really be doing his homelearning but instead decided to write to her.

None of the advised ettiquette was followed in how to write a letter to the Queen and it was simply addressed The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London!

Bless him.

Today, one day after her 90th birthday, the postman knocks the door and chirpily says ,”we must know people in very high places!”

Here it was…a reply! Not just a letter but a celebratory card of her 90th. Along with the date it was written and sent..the 21st! her actual birthday. How special is that!

He is chuffed to bits. After a week of being poorly this very special letter has lifted his spirits.

Thank you Ma’am for quite an amazing day. ( He hopes you manage to get some rest between all the celebrations.)




Mothers Day.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mothers Day.


I would like to wish all mums a wonderful day.

I have been given instruction already by my young son, to make sure I don’t get out of bed on Sunday morning…he is going to make breakfast. Which is a beautiful thing for him to do and being only six, I suspect it just may be a jam sandwich and told to make my own cup of tea because it is hot things!

It is all from love within his heart, and as a mom, my greatest treasure.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

This time of year I tend to share an image of one of Norahs brooches, which will be kept. It cabouchon, which simply says ‘Mother.’

The sentiment behind this , is to remember Norahs own Mom. Sadly, her Mother died when Norah was only six years old. Yet in writings that were found among Norahs treasures , were the clear memories she had of that particular time. Recollections of the funeral and people she saw along the way. You can read a little bit more about it here.


So, from one Mother to another, enjoy your day, treasure each moment and relax if you can…unless you are still working through the laundry for the weekend!



Spring is when… A fresh treasury.


This is a small collection of sage green , shabby chic decor.

You see, while I sit here tonight, having had one of those crazy housecleaning moments, where no corner was going to be left. I have a feeling ,Spring will arrive… a few weeks maybe!!! In the meantime, I thought I would capture this ‘fresh spring feel’.

A gathering from various etsy shops. Very talented and as ever extremely creative in the work they produce.



‘Spring is when ….’ by vintagenorah

…lifes alive in everything. xA fresh collection to brighten that time between winter into spring!!!

Printable Flower Art, Printa…


Vintage style watering can, …


ON SALE Shabby Chic Horsesho…


Embroidered Green Linen Cush…


Shabby Chic Sage/Mint Green…


Rustic Planter Box with 3 Vi…


Knife Block, Sage Green, Upc…


Vintage 50’s/60’s Sa…


Sage Green Shabby Chic Key H…


Shabby Chic Rustic Sage Gree…


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Printable Flower Art, Printable Bouquet, Pastel Flower Art, White Rose Print, Pastel Flower Photo, Wedding Flower Photo,Wedding Flower Print

























Powder Blue Skies Behind the Clouds.

It has been such a blustery, stormy weekend, I felt a little reminder of the calm of powder blue skies is needed.

Inspired by some of Vintage Norahs own pieces within the jewellery, I have put together

a vintage treasury of ‘powder blues’ from a selection of Etsy sellers.

Enjoy . x

Vintage necklace.




1950s XL Lilli Ann Coat - Light Blue Lilli Ann Swing Coat - Blue Lilli Ann Coat


















MUSTARD & Daffodil

I have been having a treasury moment all afternoon….it is so easy to get side tracked with all of the gorgeous vintage collections. There are amazing finds and as ever, elegance and ‘gorgeousness’!!!

This one is ‘Mustard and Daffodil’.

Enjoy. x

1950 ~ Mustard and Daffodil.

1950 ~ Mustard and Daffodil.




Take another step.

 ” Go as long as you can, and then take another step.”

This treasury is a celebration of vintage footwear for ladies and gentlemen…taking another step.xx

All items shown can be found on Etsy.

20's Shoes. Feet That Dance.

Costume jewellery….little joblots.

As it happens, when having a little sort through, there comes a time when pieces could do with a new home. Here are a few lots with links to the items.

They may need a little tlc or even be used just for the beads for recrafting projects.

All bidding begins at .99p per lot.

Peruse at leisure!


Costume jewellery. Lot 1
Costume jewellery. Lot 1


Costume jewellery Lot 2
Costume jewellery Lot 2


Costume jewellery Lot3
Costume jewellery Lot3


Costume jewellery. Lot4
Costume jewellery. Lot4


A little bit of soft blue for you.

blue norah

Vintage Brooch Blue Daffodil
Blue daffodil. Lilac leaves. Silver tone brooch. C clasp -working.

Silver tone. Soft blue leaves. White pearl beads. Aurora beads inset. Hook clasp.
Soft blue leaves.
White pearl beads.
Aurora beads inset.
Hook clasp.

Vintage necklace
Vintage beaded necklace. Powder Blue & white splash. Small white space beads. Gold tone roll clasp-working.

Powder blue and white beading. Gold tone roll clasp-working.
Powder blue and white beading.
Gold tone roll clasp-working.

Here comes Suzy Snowflake…

Here comes Suzy Snowflake….and here comes this weeks selection from the ever talented folk over on Etsy.



Here comes Suzy Snowflake


The Christmas Alphabet.

’tis the season!!!!

Thought I would put together a nice little ‘christmassy’ treasury from Etsy.

Inspired by the lovely Dickie Valentine – Christmas Alphabet. One of my favourites which captures he magic – year in, year out.



Christmas Alphabet

Have you got a lot?!

Have you got a lot?!


A few scarve lots that are now on ebay.

They are from Norahs ‘stash’! However, not being too sure of years etc I decided to put them together as a few lots.

Bidding is starting at .99p for each lot.

Take a look, you may just find a nice little treasure among them.

Have fun and enjoy.x



  Three ladies fashion scarves good condition- lot 1

Three ladies fashion scarves good condition- lot 1
Three ladies fashion scarves good condition- lot 1

  2 x Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 2

  2 Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 2
2 Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 2

3 x Ladies fashion Scarves – Lot 3

3 x Ladies fashion Scarves - Lot 3
3 x Ladies fashion Scarves – Lot 3

3 x Ladies Fashion Scarves. – Lot4

3 x Ladies Fashion Scarves. - Lot4
3 x Ladies Fashion Scarves. – Lot4

3 x Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 5

3 x Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 5
3 x Ladies fashion scarves. Lot 5

  3 x ladies Fashion Scarves Lot 6

3 x ladies Fashion Scarves Lot 6
3 x ladies Fashion Scarves Lot 6

3 x Ladies fashion Scarves Lot7

3 x Ladies fashion Scarves Lot7
3 x Ladies fashion Scarves Lot7

Sweethearts of the Rodeo…..a beautiful collection.



A beautiful collection put together on Etsy by

and thank you for including one of Norahs Chiffon scarves.


The RED HOOD treasury.

I love this treasury. It is so rich and quite uplifting.

♥ red hood ♥


Oh dear! I seem to have had a guilty pleasure moment.

For me it always falls back to …bags. Particularly, tan bags! More specifically…leather tan bags!!!!

Without further ado…here is the treasury I have put together. All can be found  on Etsy.

(Ooooo…I can smell the leather just looking at them! Gorgeous.)

In the Bag

My Fair Lady…

Couldn’t let this week pass by, without mentioning ‘My Fair Lady’!

So, a little treat is needed I think .


at the races

For the beautiful Audrey Hepburn as Eliza,…” For her first public tryout, Higgins takes Eliza to his mother’s box at the Ascot racecourse. Henry’s mother reluctantly agrees to help Eliza make conversation, following Henry’s advice that Eliza should stick to two subjects: the weather and everybody’s health. Eliza makes a good impression at first with her polite manners but later shocks everyone by her vulgar Cockney attitudes and slang. “


Who designed the dress?

Designed by legendary costume designer Cecil Beaton.

1964-production-designer-cecil-beaton-checks-audrey-hepburns-costume-on-the-set-of-my-fair-lady-19641Beaton asked his mother on her own early wardrobe and asked his friend Diana Cooper what her mother, the Duchess of Rutland, had worn for Ascot.

She replied, “Certainly cream, a straw hat trimmed, of course, by herself with little bits of bird’s breast and/or ribbon in dirty pink; wide-ish brimmed and fairly shallow, and the Sarah Bernhardt fringe in front. Good beige gloves. Very high heeled shoes she hoped didn’t show. Parasol, of course!”




images fair lady dressAudrey Hepburn’s dress is certainly one of the most impressive examples of Edwardian finery ever stitched.

It is constructed of a silk linen undergarment with back zipper closure, overlaid with fine lace which is hand-embroidered in a delicate flower motif.

The dress is trimmed in black velvet striped ribbon, with a large bow at the left breast. Inside the left cuff, a bias label is written in blue ink (which has faded over time),

The large picture hat is constructed of a lightweight cotton burlap, trimmed in black velvet with white and black ostrich feathers on one side, as well as a small sprig of faux lavender pansies attached to the crown.

Finishing the ensemble is the obligatory white parasol of matching lace fabric.




What happened to this gorgeous costume?

my-fair-lady-audrey-hepburn-costume-2hat2This gorgeous gown, which is featured in nearly every image associated with the film, is considered to be Cecil Beaton’s magnum opus.

Worn by the lovely Audrey Hepburn in the most memorable scene of the film, it is without question one of the finest screen-worn garments ever made.





In June 2011, the whole outfit sold for 3.700,00.00 usd. In auction and was part of the Debbie Reynolds collection.










Information courtesy of:



ASCOT begins this week and we all know it’s about the hats!! With a few races thrown in!!!!

To celebrate I have put together a nice little treasury and collection of hats, which can all be found on Etsy.

Of course, those of you familiar with ‘Vintage Norah’, you will also know she had a ..ahem.. a soft spot for hats. Over 200 were discovered, which she collected over nearly 93 years!




Last weeks favourites.


Our top most viewed items last week:







Treasuries curated by Vintage Norah

A new page for you here at Vintage Norah…TREASURIES…oh yes…another!!!!

It is a collection of treasuries on Etsy which Vintage Norah has put together over the last year. A bit hit and miss but, I do enjoy a little escape from time to time, and for me, I do find I get carried away and quite absorbed.

This has to be one of my favourites…




Chiffon…I do like saying it..CHIFFON!

Norah’s Chiffon scarves.


It is such a nice to word to say…chiffon! (Just me then?!)

sdc16192fotHaving added a few of the chiffon scarves to Vintage Norah, I thought it would be interesting and indeed I hope helpful, to spread a few chiffon tips!!!

Of course they aren’t my own…you can go to the link on each one.


Different Kinds of Chiffon

What is chiffon fabric made of  

How to clean chiffon…

(Personally, I would feel more comfortable with a delicate hand wash.)

How to get stains out of chiffon…

Techniques for hemming chiffon…



Vintage Norah has quite a selection of headscarves, so it is worth popping along to see what they are. The majority are 1950/1960 and I have come across a few fromapprox early 1990’s.

Once again, this is Norah being ever faithful to the scarve through out the era’s.









PRETTY IN PINK – etsy treasury.


This week we have been included in the PRETTY IN PINK  treasury.

Vintage mid length pink gloves

Curated by Suzi Nicol and you can visit her own etsy store here :

Pretty in pink!

£125.00 GBP


£60.00 GBP

Vintage Norah…. the recrafted jewellery.

Vintage Norah….keeping me busy.



VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

For those of you familiar with ‘ VintageNorah’, well, this is the recrafted side of things.

Sorting through Norahs gatherings we came across; in true Norah fashion: costume jewellery kept in a musical stool and ‘the box’. An heirloom made by her ‘cooper maker’ father quite possibly pre 1900’s when he was a young lad.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200Many pieces are orphaned earrings, broken necklaces, general bits and bobs and I felt they should be given the chance to re-adorn and sparkle in beauty rather being hidden and left in the dark.

I include in each listing which parts are new and parts which are current, which is very often the findings.

I want to keep it simple, and each piece comes together only once I have sat, sorted,cleaned…hey presto, this just might look good!VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Over the coming weeks ( or sooner) you shall begin to find them listed within the ‘Recrafted’ section of the shop.

Please enjoy and appreciate the individual love and uniqueness that has gone into the jewellery recrafted by Norahs youngest granddaughter.x

(That’ll be me!!!)

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


One of our bags has been included within this beautiful treasury.


SPRING HAS SPRUNG.  Curated by Darren Singer.    Shop: