(1918 -2012.) “



yep, that’s right. Norah was the daughter of a cooper & my Nan.

Chatty…very chatty & always wore a hat!

She was a Birmingham girl, her Mom died when she was only 6 years old and so her Father; a cooper by trade; raised the family on his own.

She loved to sing…very loud and would confidently hit all the notes…but not necessarily in the right order. ( I can hear her laughing at that one. She had a strong sense of humour.)

She loved to have a rummage! I’m sure it’s something we all do and oh boy, what a feeling when you come across a little gem. It appears she came across  quite a few, which brings me nicely to this…

…She would’ve had so much fun to see how ‘Vintage Norah’ has come together. The page you are on now, the Vintage Norah shop the shop on Etsy, the wonderful Journals, Notebooks & Paper Pads over on Amazon, the social interaction and not to mention the creative side of things.

The photos, the editing, those ideas that pop into your head just as you are about to fall into a deep slumber and they just won’t let you settle!

93 years to gather and I think another 93 to get it all listed! An epic job but I am enjoying every minute of it…I feel like a little girl with a huge dress up box, it’s fantastic.

…yes, you will find signs of wear and tear! There may still be the odd sign of one of her brooches been worn on her scarves or a fading on the gloves when she has had a rummage through one of her bags. It is all part of their story.

Her greatest love were her Hats. She nearly always wore a hat (even on google earth she was captured at the front of her house with a hat! How ironic eh!)

Enjoy Vintage Norah ~

Snippets of her life on the blog. She always had a story to tell or verse to write…many poems were found on bits of paper and the beginnings of her ‘memoirs.’

The Etsy Treasuries.  One of the great things about the Etsy community is the chance to curate collections from other sellers on there. I tend to share any treasuries I curate and put them on here. You can ‘click’ on to the other shops and as Norah would do ‘have a good rummage’!  I love being able to do a bit of window shopping whilst having a cuppa’!

Get Savvy Like Your Granny.  Norah had her own ideas and style just like you and I.  ‘Vintage’ tends to cover many different era’s. It also conveys a different image to each of us. Here , I tend to include a wider selection. You will come across affiliate links but I do intend to keep these all in line with a vintage feel and to be honest, I love seeing what they also have.

I’ll leave you to it for the time being …curlers in, fluffy slippers on and enjoy!!!


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