Gertie Glamour!!! Knit 1, Natter1,2,3,4…..!!!!!

You all know a little about our Norah by now….But I haven’t told you about her travelling companion,dear friend and my other(extrememly missed) nan..Gertie.

Ahhh, put together….you were asking for trouble!!! Norah would natter, Gertie would nod her head, chuckle and agree. In fact, on one little trip to the Isle of Wight many years ago..which involves a short ferry trip from the mainland… they were talking that much, when they were told they had arrived at the hotel they were staying in, neither of them believed it because …’we haven’t been on the ferry yet!’

Wonderful memories…we all have little treasures like that…hold onto them, they are so precious.


Here we have the beginnings of a collection of Gerties knitting patterns. They are available from ‘Vintage Norah’. Just click on the image here and it will take you straight to the shop.

Admittedly, i was going to have them as a pdf file to be purchased and downloaded. However, there are copyright issues even now except for a couple of exceptions, and to be honest it didn’t really sit comfortable with me.

You will be purchasing an ‘original’ pattern, so expect a few creases here and there. On the whole they are just gorgeous and I hope they are enjoyed.

Lots more yet to be listed..Lister,Emu,Lee Target,Strutts etc… will keep you posted about them.







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