The Handmade Journal

Crikey, I never realised how addictive it would be to create and make a journal!!! In true Vintage Norah fashion I wanted to incorporate her lace trims and broken jewellery as embellishment or spine danglies.

The result has been beautiful journals made with a huge amount of care and each time I am amazed at how they gently and lovingly ‘speak out ‘ to you. Letting you know how they want to appear.

Maybe it’s just me but I have felt this each time and find it very magical.

Pastel Flower Jewel Handmade journal. Hard cover ,3 signatures, Journal Cards.


16 pages within a pdf of various sizes on a4 size.

Perfect for background papers, journal cards, fussy cuts, tags whatever your imagination brings to you.


For me it’s all about memories. the whole thing of certain smells which resonate from a childhood and beautiful moments we gather through out life.

I simply felt sometimes we want to hold onto these special memories of places or people and keep them gently in a place which doesn’t involve sharing with everyone else.

Even now, I’ll have a little time to remember grandparents, family times , all those happy moments full of laughter and love. As a family, we are very lucky to have this, which makes it even more precious.

Hold onto your loved ones and all the joy you share together.

Louise. x

Bespoke Wax Sachets & Melts.

It’s been such an exciting time this week creating these wax sachets.

Delicate ‘wax rose and shell’ fused on a heart background.

The raspberry shade of delphinium petals has added to the romance of it all.

Wax sachets are wonderful if you don’t have a wax burner or maybe, you just don’t ‘do’ wax melts. As long as you hang or place them in a coolish spot, you will be able to enjoy the scent , without having to rummage for a tealight !!! We’ve all been there right?!

I’ve had one hanging in my office for about 6 weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised with how long it is lasting.

When the cold throw of the scent weakens, I will ‘snap’ and place in a burner as you would a normal melt. Two in one eh!?

4 Rose  £3.00

Rose & Shell £3.00



Blooming Flutterbys!

vnI absolutely adore the new floral theme at the moment and in true Norah style, it was through a good old rummage around that I came across these flowers. A bargain and very effective.

They certainly bring out the beauty of this Pink shell Butterfly Brooch.
Working roll clasp
4cm x 3cm.