I will be the first to admit  that this is one of the nicest compliments a girl could have. However,  I do recall many years ago having…ahem.. a moment! There was a slight language barrier , I was told ‘oooh, you  smell nice.What do you smell with?’ I don’t think ‘my nose’ was  the right answer  in an attempted romantic moment…but,it was the answer I gave!!!

There is a point to all of this. ..Vintage Norah now has 2 new pages added to the blog.


Make Up.

All have been selected from the FM range (more can be found here

The Perfumes and Makeup listed can be ordered straight from the links shown on the pages or you can email me for more information regarding a custom order, samples, etc.

They are only available for UK delivery when ordered from Vintage Norah.

Obviously,until there is a ‘scratch and sniff app’ available,I have listed similar scents to help give you an idea  of  those they may remind you of.

They are stand alone fragrances with a higher perfume  oil content which means you use less and the fragrance lasts longer too. Oh, and they are more affordable.

I have a few favourites of my own which I use daily and keep the Gaultier and Chanel for the ‘special, dress to impress’ moments!

I certainly hope this will help compliment the ‘vintage beauty’ with in us all.

A few links for you to peruse if you would like to find out more about FM.

pcs small









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