Chiffon…I do like saying it..CHIFFON!

Norah’s Chiffon scarves.


It is such a nice to word to say…chiffon! (Just me then?!)

sdc16192fotHaving added a few of the chiffon scarves to Vintage Norah, I thought it would be interesting and indeed I hope helpful, to spread a few chiffon tips!!!

Of course they aren’t my own…you can go to the link on each one.


Different Kinds of Chiffon

What is chiffon fabric made of  

How to clean chiffon…

(Personally, I would feel more comfortable with a delicate hand wash.)

How to get stains out of chiffon…

Techniques for hemming chiffon…



Vintage Norah has quite a selection of headscarves, so it is worth popping along to see what they are. The majority are 1950/1960 and I have come across a few fromapprox early 1990’s.

Once again, this is Norah being ever faithful to the scarve through out the era’s.










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