Proms & Weddings…Hire your designer dress?


Proms & Weddings….


Proms and weddings…the season is here. So, where do you go? Do you hire? Do you buy?

Chic by ChoiceI recall many years ago walking the streets of Birmingham , dipping in and out of various stores ( …and occasionally standing by the side of a long mirror and raising one arm, one leg and even today the reflection gives me the chuckles!!) all in an attempt to break up the hours spent to find the perfect occasional dress.

Not always easy and quite often , it would result to going back to the fisrt shop we went into!

I’m sure it still happens now…it’s tradition!

I’m trying so hard to not mention the time my sister;very much the tom boy; appeared from the dressing room showing off THE dress she had chosen…beautiful…until looking down and seeing her thick football socks still on!!!!

Anyway, back to the dreamy world of flowing, gentle, delicate dresses to make you feel like a princess for the evening.

Chic by ChoiceWith Chic by Choice you can hire exclusive designer dresses online. Their service allows you to hire for 4 to 8 days…You wear and enjoy…You return. ( They take care of the dry cleaning!)

They also offer a free back up size, a chance to try on in advance and a no regrets policy.

A huge choice of designer dresses and for  the vintage look you can take a look at Cristallini, Scala Or Jovani…all of which are there.

They really do seem to have taken care of it all for you.

So, time to relax and peruse all they have to offer…it really is a beautiful place to be.


Chic by Choice







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