The Golf Lady ~ Inspirational Journal

This inspirational journal has been made for Norah’s first and eldest granddaughter & my big sis.

Last month she turned 60🥰 .

Golf has been her main stay for years & I wanted to create something that captured her passion and the encouragement she has humbly passed on to others. She will be the first to encourage and be by your side to work through any difficulties. She continues to smile, laugh , have silly moments and grabs life with 100% vigour, whatever it throws at her.

The Golf Lady Handmade journal By

I knew the look I wanted to achieve and as always when you begin to create a journal, there is that element of curiosity as to how it will ‘speak to you’.

It’s a very beautiful moment and once you capture it; for me; I just go with the flow.

The lace edging fits so well with the style as ell as bringing a bit of sturdiness to the pages. Just goes to show ‘delicate brings strength.’ The little bit of pink lace towards the back, is from Norah’s very own stash/sewing box/bits n bobs box, extra special and a personal touch.

On the inside of the front and back covers, there are concertina pockets/file pockets, which are tied off loosely with pastel seam binding. in each of these pockets are extra tags/cards.

So there you have it, another OOAK and a very, very special one.

See you next time,

Louise x


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