OOOHHH! Thats one of ours!!!

Isn’t it daft eh?

Recently, I have got so excited whenever I see any of our items included in either a ‘treasury’ from Etsy or like today, one of the ‘earring bracelets’ I have made from Norahs ‘bits and bobs’!!! Included by Vintassion on facebook, for their ‘unique gift’ ideas.

Photo: After a unique gift then check out our sellers' latest #vintage #jewellery offerings - If you too would like to set up a Vintassion Stall with NO listing fees and NO commission fees on sales, click here for details of our special 30 day FREE trial offer -


It is such a nice feeling to be noticed.

I know it is all about promotion etc, etc,etc….but this is also about something being quite personal to me.

I know the background of the items and so of course there is the sentiment attached to each of them.  How lovely this whole process is,sorting,listing,getting views,getting sales,communicating ( or sending a convo! that really tickles me),packaging,posting and then the wonderful ‘thank you’s ‘I have recieved from those who have purchased.

The other thing that really fascinates me, are the countries these items have been sent to.

Norah loved travelling and she got about quite abit, even in her later years…and so the travelling continues and here are just a few of the places that she now graces!!!

Uk, Florida, Hollywood, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden …..

Marvellous isn’t it? so, to use another term which tickles me ‘I shall keep you in the loop!’

Thank you everyone…lets see if we can take over the world from this very stormy Dorset corner of the UK! (yep, it’s hitting us quite bad as I blog!!!)


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