Blooming Flutterbys!

vnI absolutely adore the new floral theme at the moment and in true Norah style, it was through a good old rummage around that I came across these flowers. A bargain and very effective.

They certainly bring out the beauty of this Pink shell Butterfly Brooch.
Working roll clasp
4cm x 3cm.




A Summer Blush

I do like this treasury and straight away I seem to be thinking of raspberry ripple ice cream!

A collection from the members of the UK ONLY VINTAGE TEAM on Etsy. It’s wonderful to find all these gorgeous treasures around the Uk. From top to bottom!

Enjoy . xx



‘A SUMMER BLUSH’ by vintagenorah

Gathered from the members of the UK ONLY VINTAGE TEAM. Enjoy.x

Duchess vintage 1960’s t…


Real flower necklace – pink …


Vintage white heart pink ros…


Very pretty chunky milk whit…


Beautiful vintage rose penda…


Large Ruby Red Crystal Spira…


Vintage 1980’s Big Chunk…


Gorgeous Victorian Antique C…


Heart Ring Silver Marcasite …


Art Deco silver coral and ma…


Large Raw Copper Electroform…


Red Aurora Borealis with Mot…


Ruby delicate necklace – ros…


Vintage Butterfly Brooch, B…


Vintage Exquisite June Birth…


Charm bracele ladies,Lime ca…


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Last weeks favourites.


Our top most viewed items last week:







Vintage Norah…. the recrafted jewellery.

Vintage Norah….keeping me busy.



VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

For those of you familiar with ‘ VintageNorah’, well, this is the recrafted side of things.

Sorting through Norahs gatherings we came across; in true Norah fashion: costume jewellery kept in a musical stool and ‘the box’. An heirloom made by her ‘cooper maker’ father quite possibly pre 1900’s when he was a young lad.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200Many pieces are orphaned earrings, broken necklaces, general bits and bobs and I felt they should be given the chance to re-adorn and sparkle in beauty rather being hidden and left in the dark.

I include in each listing which parts are new and parts which are current, which is very often the findings.

I want to keep it simple, and each piece comes together only once I have sat, sorted,cleaned…hey presto, this just might look good!VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Over the coming weeks ( or sooner) you shall begin to find them listed within the ‘Recrafted’ section of the shop.

Please enjoy and appreciate the individual love and uniqueness that has gone into the jewellery recrafted by Norahs youngest granddaughter.x

(That’ll be me!!!)

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


A thank you for including one of our brooches with in this gorgeous treasury.

Curated by: Michelle @

Vintage Brooch Pin

Lovely Gifts.

Today we have been shared in the ‘Lovely Gifts’ treasury. A mixture of vintage and handmade.The talent and oringinality of the handmade pieces are so inspiring.

Thank you for the inclusion….Our vintage marcasite feather brooch.

Curated by: Milla at Milena Crochet. Found here


Lovely Gifts

A Feel Good Week.

A good feel week this week.

Vintage Norah is feeling very much loved.



First , I thought I would knuckle down to get some more listings in the shop at Etsy.



Every intention of having them on standby and activate them little by little.


….but ooooohhhhhh no, I get excited and there they are! (Just a taster!)


As the week has gone on, we have had items included in two seperate treasuries on Etsy and we have been the ‘Featured Seller’ in Vintassions weekly newsletter.

vintassion banner big

I have to say, it does feel so nice to feel wanted!

Here we have it then,THE TREASURIES.

Treasury No1:

Curated by S Johnson at SJPrecious Jewellery.

Thursday 09 Winter Esteem



All on Ebay…grab that bargain!


Most of these are up on Ebay until the 6th January 2014. Click on the images to take you straight there.

Keep checking in on them.

Just a few items to begin to make room for more!


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OOOHHH! Thats one of ours!!!

Isn’t it daft eh?

Recently, I have got so excited whenever I see any of our items included in either a ‘treasury’ from Etsy or like today, one of the ‘earring bracelets’ I have made from Norahs ‘bits and bobs’!!! Included by Vintassion on facebook, for their ‘unique gift’ ideas.

Photo: After a unique gift then check out our sellers' latest #vintage #jewellery offerings - If you too would like to set up a Vintassion Stall with NO listing fees and NO commission fees on sales, click here for details of our special 30 day FREE trial offer -


It is such a nice feeling to be noticed.

I know it is all about promotion etc, etc,etc….but this is also about something being quite personal to me.

I know the background of the items and so of course there is the sentiment attached to each of them.  How lovely this whole process is,sorting,listing,getting views,getting sales,communicating ( or sending a convo! that really tickles me),packaging,posting and then the wonderful ‘thank you’s ‘I have recieved from those who have purchased.

The other thing that really fascinates me, are the countries these items have been sent to.

Norah loved travelling and she got about quite abit, even in her later years…and so the travelling continues and here are just a few of the places that she now graces!!!

Uk, Florida, Hollywood, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden …..

Marvellous isn’t it? so, to use another term which tickles me ‘I shall keep you in the loop!’

Thank you everyone…lets see if we can take over the world from this very stormy Dorset corner of the UK! (yep, it’s hitting us quite bad as I blog!!!)