Vintage Norah at Christmas.

Christmas memories..




It tends to be a time when many of us start to reflect on the past and instill new hope for the future. This couldn’t be more appropriate for our family right now.

The warm magical moments of my own childhood are now being reflected through my own young son who is just at an age to grasp it all….’Farmer Christmas is on his way and Mommy will have to move her car, so he has somewhere to park!’  Through the eyes of a child….wonderful isn’t it?


xmas tree

Norah loved Christmas. You know how it is…we set a romantic traditional Christmas scene…the snow…the Tree…the luxurious and carefully wrapped presents…The big black bin liner…!!!! You didn’t have one of those? !!!!

You always knew when you had received the gifts from Nan (Norah) because they would be wrapped up ready for you in a bin liner!

I have a feeling she was of the original ‘recycle wrapping’ era! Over the years we had gifts in  wallpaper with string,newspaper and I recall having a present in xmas paper from the previous year….I know this because under the label ‘To Louis, love Nan’ was my writing on the paper ‘To Nan,Merry Christmas Love Louise.’



This for many years was just one part of Christmas. There are no black bin liners full of gifts but as requested by her, there is a Christmas Bauble which hangs on the trees within the family so she will always be a part of it.

So, for  Norah & Doug and our Gertie & Jim, the magic and the love continues to warm our hearts. We know you are always with us.

Love & Christmas sparkle to you all…..Vintage Norah. xxx





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