STEP INSIDE…A poem by Norah.

I have had to share this with you.I have mentioned in the past how Norah over the years wrote many poems.Many had reference to her own faith and they are still being discovered (a year on) amongst her ‘paperwork’…all be it on the back of envelopes, scrap paper…Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.xx



Mary and Joseph, no room could they find,
In Bethlehem, it was Census time,
But once there, one Innkeeper said,
You’re welcome in my cattle shed……”Step inside!”

Go on in, the ox and ass won’t mind,
They sense you are tired and the friendly kind,
And though it’s poor, and though it’s bare,
It will shelter you from winter’s air…..”Step inside!”

Now eventually, when midnight came,
Mountains echoed, with the Angel’s refrain,
And Mary, in all her joy,
Gazed upon, her baby boy…. she was glad that she stepped inside!

Now the Innkeeper, that was so kind,
Eventually, his reward did find,
For when his mortal life, was no more,
And his Spirit, reached Heaven’s door… a gentle voice did call, ….“Step inside!”

Norah Ball (My Nan).

Norah photos


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