The Bluebird Journal

The moment the designs came together for this journal , I knew exactly how  I wanted it look.

Each journal ‘speaks’ to you as you put it together & this little beauty was no exception.

Bluebird Journal

The Bluebird & the butterfly.

Once the images have been brought together, it’s time to see them in ‘real life’ and the printer chugs into action.

This set includes some cute little hearts ,circle banners & a page of Positive words/phrases in 4 different font styles/ sizes.

You can find the Bluebird Printable Papers here

Bluebird Printable Papers

The final flip through.

Always a sigh of achievement when it comes to the final flip through.

The cover of this  journal is framed with a lace border, a lace covered spine and a dangle using ‘ vintage orphaned beads’ from Norahs stash gathered over the years. Any broken necklaces/jewellerty are recrafted as often as I can to become  part of some of the journals I create.
It contains 3 signatures bound with a loose tie on a hidden spine. This allows you to add further pages.
Occasional pages have a ‘teal script stamp’ along the edge.
Plenty of white space for you to continue your own journalling.

This journal is available here

Have beautiful day.



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