Making a reference journal…Getting started.

This is the third reference journal to be made. There are so many ideas that pop up & need somewhere to keep them.

This time around , I’ve opted for a spiral bound journal. However, the spirals got covered with a piece of cheesecloth!

A simple wrap around on the outside spine. Nothing complicated, a bit of glue, and it was sorted.

As someone who tries to get things perfect, I tend to fall short & thankfully, have found the ‘ shabby chic, throw it together, don’t fuss too much and just have fun’ works better for me.

The cream lace frame is a huge favourite at the moment.

Working with the lined pages is going to be fun. I tend to favour a blank page.

Soooooo, I covered it with kraft!

A blank canvas!

I’ll keep you posted with how it comes together. What a nice little journey it will be.

Have fun everyone,

~Louise x


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